conduco labs digitalisiert die Jugendarbeit in Vreden
Complete offer of Jugendwerk Vreden now bookable online

conduco labs digitizes youth and street work in Vreden

The Jugendwerk Vreden e.V. is breaking new ground in the digital realm and has also been represented via app since Thursday (2.12.). Information, registration for activities and online payment options are now even easier to access. The app was developed by the Vreden-based company conduco labs.

Johannes Terhürne
Johannes TerhürneFounder, Managing Director

The start-up, which in its day-to-day business implements digital solutions for large companies such as Unilever or the Fundacion Real Madrid Clinics Western Europe, regularly invests parts of its profits in so-called mega trends. "Every year, we support digitization projects in areas where the relevant know-how or capacities are not available," explains Johannes Terhürne, founder of conduco labs. Having rented a rehearsal room at Jugendwerk Vreden e.V. himself as a teenager with his band at the time, he was keen to support youth work in his hometown digitally and holistically. "We wanted to give something back," he emphasizes. That met with a great response. "We believe that the app hits the zeitgeist because young people are used to interacting digitally," says Markus Funke, pedagogical director of Jugendwerk Vreden e.V. "That's why we're happy to now establish our own secure communication channel with our app." Following the development phase, this app can now also be licensed by other youth facilities and municipalities.

The scope of functions includes information about the Jugendwerk and its activities. Direct registration is possible, as is online payment. Holders of the Münsterland Card can also register and pay directly online via the Münsterland Card. But not only the participants of the Jugendwerk can enjoy the simplified digital options. Employees also benefit from the app's extensive functions. "Digital payment options, easy contacting, short response times, notification of available slots ... - already the experiences with the digital registration for the actions of the vacation pass have been so positive that we are hugely excited to be able to launch now," explains Funke. Just in time for December 1, the new app also features a sustainable Advent calendar with 24 little doors and an attractive prize draw.

Vorstellung der neuen App: v.l.: Fadi Rajab,  Vorsitzender des Jugendwerk Vreden e.V., Jörg Lenhard, Citymanager und Mitglied im Arbeitskreis Ausbildung, Johannes Terhürne, conduco labs UG, Markus Funke pädagogischer Leiter des Jugendwerk Vreden e.V., Bürgermeister Dr. Tom Tenostendarp
Happy about the launch of the Jugendwerk App: from left: Fadi Rajab, Chairman of the Jugendwerk Vreden, Jörg Lenhard, City Manager and member of the Apprenticeship Working Group, Johannes Terhürne, conduco labs, Markus Funke, Pedagogical Director of the Jugendwerk Vreden, Mayor Dr. Tom Tenostendarp

The launch is by no means the end of the app's development. "This process continues even after the launch," Terhürne explains. "We will continuously develop the functions and content, also adapting them in response to suggestions from users." For example, the first major update in 2022 will include extensive functions on the topic of career guidance.

Jörg Lenhard, city manager and member of the apprenticeship working group, highlighted the advantages of this future use: "Companies can present themselves and their apprenticeship professions, offer internships and apprenticeships, push positions that still need to be filled." But that's not all. "Young people can save their resume once and use it for different applications." The app has already been presented to secondary schools and a large part of the business community and has received very positive feedback.

Mayor Dr. Tom Tenostendarp is pleased about the big step towards digitizing youth work, as this is also a strong sign for Vreden as a location for innovation. "With the app, we can reach many and that is particularly important to me." All Vreden residents and also Vreden businesses are invited to install and use the app.

The app is now available free of charge for all end devices equipped with the iOS or Android operating systems.

"JugendCampus Vreden" in the Apple AppStore (iOS)

"JugendCampus Vreden" in the Google Play Store (Android)

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