Let's reach for the stars!

You have recently launched and validated your application? Congratulations! Now it is the time to scale your application and optimize your user experience? We are here to help you with your next mission to the stars!

Lass uns nach den Sternen greifen!

Got a product but no product team?

We’ve got you covered!

Creating a product ist a tricky one. Maintaining and accelerating a different one. With our interdisciplinary teams we help you constantly improving your product and growing your business.


Concept & Strategy

We review your product strategy and define a roadmap to reach the next milestone with your product.


UI- & UX-Design

A good interaction concept and screen design are key to a user friendly application. We help you optimizing your user interface.



Having a development team that helps you grow in any situation is key. We help you running, scaling and further developing your application for any device.



How successful is your app? With our analytics experts we define KPIs for your application, measure the success and recommend improvements.

Product-as-a-Service teams

Why should I work with conduco labs?

We believe that products need to be run by product teams and not agencies. With the true dedication of a dedicated team at conduco labs, we help you scale your business sustainably.

With conduco labs
With an agency or freelancers
Teams that are highly specialised in maintaining and further scaling digital eco-systems.
Teams that are specialised in building websites and apps for marketing units.
Dedicated teams that have proven to work together in similar projects with startup methods.
Inconsistent teams with freelancers that have less experience in working together.
Holistic view of the product requirements and high commitment towards the goals of the business.
Project driven view and focus on getting project done instead of consistent improvements.

Let's reach for the stars together!

We’re are thrilled to hear about your digital product! If you think that we could be the perfect match for your aspirations, then let’s have a chat!

Johannes Terhürne
Johannes TerhürneFounder, Managing Director