We are

conduco labs Logo
We believe in the power of digital innovation.
We value the best argument and not the individuals’ position.
We make our decisions based on data.
We know how to build award-winning apps.
We are only satisfied if the user is satisfied and strive for ultimate user happiness.
We are not only strategists, designers, developers and analysts: We are product enthusiasts.
We are pragmatic.
We are your virtual product team.

We create digital products for 
startups and enterprises.

With conduco labs you get an interdisciplinary team of product strategists, business analyts, UX designers and developers to bring your ideas to life. We comit ourselves not as an agency but as your own virtual in-house product team to help your company reaching its goals. Our team consists of experienced professionals who have proven their skills in prior leading positions at startups and enterprises.

conduco labs was founded in 2020 and works for startups and enterprises in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

Johannes Terhürne
Johannes TerhürneFounder, Managing Director